Nothing to say

So, just another day at work. Pretty uneventful. Had to argue with a customer for a bit about his fucking warranty. So that was really the only excitement so far.

Jenny-Marie and Erik are coming over to do some drinking and Wii bowling tonight. Yay!

And, I’m still workin on the soup. A 20oz bag of beans, pound of ham, 3 quarts of water and other goodies makes about a gallon of soup. Good thing I have roommates to help me eat it all.

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Look at this hedgehogs crazy face!

Look at this hedgehogs face!

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Bean soup bag

Bean soup bag

So I have been wanting to make this ham and 15 bean soup for a few days now. I made it probably a year or more ago and it turned out so awesomesauce (or just awesome for those who aren’t in the know). Basically, you just take this huge bag of beans boil them for an hour then add other stuff and let it boil 30-45 mins more. I add diced ham. Which is about half a 2.5 lb chunk that was previously used for lunch meat on my sandwiches. The other stuff goes in as well, red onion and green, red, & yellow peppers and spices as well. I like to make shit hot! Chili Piquin with 140,000 heat units baby!
Scoville scale

Scoville scale

Finished soup

Finished soup

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Tonight’s plans

So, a few days ago, Dan asked me if I want to go bowling tonight. I agreed. I went to text him to confirm and saw there was a message on my phone from Cedrick. He wanted to know if we were still on for a music session tonight. I was like what session? I guess at some point either last week or the week before we had made plans to work on a song together. Apparently I didn’t put it on my calendar of course it slipped my mind. So my dilemma of course was whether to cancel on Dan or Cedrick. So off goes a fury of text messages back and forth between myself and them. Now I wasn’t prepared to work on music tonight as I had forgotten. I still have to setup my equipment and reformat my recording computer as it has a Windows XP 64 bit trial edition on it. So far most software isn’t compatible with it and the trial is expired anyway. So, I basically have a lot to do before my bedroom studio is online. Then of course, my shoulder and now today, my neck are both sore. Dan is sore from work also. So, it looks like I will be spending another evening alone. ūüôĀ

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So, my trip to the gym yesterday was not very successful. I started on my chest and found that my right shoulder is still too sore to do any upper body exercises. So, I did my legs instead. That was ok, but I was still feeling drained, so I didn’t have much energy to put into it. I only did 540 lbs on the leg press as opposed to the 630 lbs or so I have been doing lately.

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So, nothing much exciting has happened so far today. I’m almost done with work and ready to go to the gym. I have been tired and depressed the past few days, so I’m looking forward to finally going after 4 days of not.

So, I added a bunch of links to my various online social networking profiles and such. Check ’em out.

I was also trying to setup the post by email thing on here. So far, it doesn’t work from my cell phone. I will have to investigate further.

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Breakfast starts the day off right, or wrong…

Morning surprise

Morning surprise

So, I go to the fridge at work this morning to find my lunch bag laying on its side.  I thought, no big deal, maybe someone knocked it over.  So, I pull it out and there is yogurt exploded all over the inside of the bag.  So, I spend the next 15 minutes cleaning it up and trying to salvage the contents.  One apple was crushed, split open and bruised in multiple places.  As you can see the yogurt container was pretty fucked too.  It was almost brand new also.  Now there is less than half left.  I wish I would have had the foresight to snap a picture before I cleaned it up, but I was too livid at that point.  ARGH!  Thanks to the asshole that ruined my morning!

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So, I have been playing with this for the better part of the day. Yeah, but shouldn’t you be working Ashley? HaHa but I am. My job affords me with a lot of free time to work on my own things. I think I finally got some things figured out. I was trying to do things the hard way, of course. I was delving into html trying to deconstruct things and see if I could make changes to the theme I liked. But, alas, I found and easier way to do it. So, I shall leave the html alone for now. ūüôā

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Hello world!

Hi there everyone.  I was given a great birthday gift from my friend Jedi  this year.  He bought the domain name for me.  I have been meaning to put together a blog for awhile now.  Thanks for the encouragement (read: kick in the ass) Jed!.  So here you will find my random rantings and also see photos, videos, music and other random things that I find and like.

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