About me

I am a musician and photographer. Neither are my day job though. I enjoy composing music that has personal meaning. Music is my outlet, my catharsis. I enjoy going down to Venice Beach to play in the drum circle. I tend to capture a lot of nature in my photography. You can see my photos and listen to my music at www.playingdefchild.com.

I believe and live by the Law of Attraction (watch the movie The Secret if you don’t know what this is). I am a Reiki healer. I am on a quest to learn as much about spirituality as I can. I do not subscribe to any particular religion though.

I love being outside when I can be. Riding my motorcycle, camping, golfing (disc and regular), hiking in the mountains, bicycling, going to the beach, etc. I try to stay active. I spent too many years cooped up indoors when I lived in Ohio. How depressing!

As for indoor activities, I like bowling, darts, & pool. I also like watching South Park, Family Guy, and Nature/Educational shows. I need intellectual stimulation or humor. Reality shows do not get any respect from me. I would also consider myself a movie buff. I will watch nearly anything as long as it keeps me interested.

I am a down to earth guy. I enjoy hanging out with friends and having some drinks.
I can’t stand drama and high maintenance people. I tend to be quiet and shy until I get to know you. Then I may talk your ear off. I do at times have nothing to say. I can be a very introspective person, so I do enjoy silence and solitude on occasion.

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