Sunday games

So I had breakfast at Fiddlers with Rich on Sunday morning. That place is great! I haven’t eaten there in awhile, so I was jonesing for it. We had some good conversation about things. We went back to his place to meet up with Lisa.

We all headed over to the Sylmar disc golf course. I didn’t think my right shoulder was quite up to snuff, so I played with my left hand. I actually did pretty well for that being my first game played only left handed. I pretty much shot bogey on every hole (That is 1 over par. Par being 3 shots, for you non-golfers). I think I had double bogey on 3 maybe and 1 or 2 pars. So, I will have to keep practicing with the left and make my game ambidextrous.

After the game, we stopped in to Ranchero’s taco stand. I think those were the best authentic tacos I have ever had. The flavor was amazing. Rich also had me try one of the hot peppers that they have marinading with some sliced onions. I have no idea what kind of pepper it was, but they were fucking hot! I had tears streaming down my face while I was eating my taco. I bet the Mexican ladies behind the counter had a good laugh.

We went back to Rich’s house and worked on his 2 motorcycles. He crashed his CBR900RR a few months ago and we were looking things over to see what parts he needs to ebay. His throttle/switchpod housing was cracked and causing the throttle to stick. We took that apart and re-adjusted. So, he will just glue that one back together. Looks like the only part that isn’t repairable was the bracket for the right foot peg. He ordered one in Ebay and hopefully will have it the end of this week. I also installed some rear brake pads on his VFR. So now at least he can ride one of his motorcycles. No more excuses (other than the weather, lol).

We made some DiGiorno rising crust supreme pizza. That is really damn good stuff. I was quite impressed for it being frozen pizza. We had some beers and watched Pineapple Express (again for me). Yeah it was good enough to watch it twice in one weekend.

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