So, Monday, I went out with Suzie, the girl I met last Saturday. We had some drinks and played pool. My voice was a bit better, so I was actually able to converse with her and find out a bit more about her. While she is an attractive and friendly women, who also happens to kick ass (mine at least) in pool, I find her to be a bit boring. Now granted I have only hung out with her twice, but I doubt that we will be more than acquaintances. I found out she was born in Korea, likes to day trade stocks and foreign currency, sleeps a lot, lives at home in Northridge with her parents, bartends part time (on call at Yankee’s), hates motorcycles (boo), and doesn’t like going to the beach or mountains or being outside much at all for that matter. The only outdoor recreation she mentioned was that she used to snowboard.

She also doesn’t like physical contact. I observed her interacting with a few guys that she apparently knew and they were prodding her to give them a hug or at least a hi-five. She would do neither. I’m not sure what that is all about or if she was even telling the truth. I say that because I’m suspect of her answer to her favorite music. Now I’m not trying to stereotype, but the few Asian women I have hung out with and have seen at clubs tend to listen to Hip-Hop. Her answer was classical. When I asked her her favorite classical composer she replies Choppin (I’m spelling it phonetically, how she said it, not as it is actually spelled or pronounced). Then I think she said something about Back also (again phonetic spelling). Now her English is pretty good, I really don’t think she has much of an accent, so I question if she was not being serious about liking classical music. I also noticed that when she left she was blasting some Hip-Hop in her car on the getaway. So I don’t know. Maybe she is just a smart ass.

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