Wicked Heart Song

I wrote this a few years ago and just came across it when I was organizing some files. I still need to write a brigde and/or chorus to it and of course the music as well. Maybe I will work on it with Chris and Cedrick. Here it is:

I wanted to give you everything
You choose nothing
Now I feel nothing
I am empty

I don’t know that I can ever love again in this capacity
I went after you with such tenacity
And I was met with nothing but audacity
Even though I was turned on by your generosity

You have a kind soul
But a wicked heart
One that broke my soul
And made it smart

You say you feel nothing
But you never let it start
I had no chance
And yet you let me dance

I would have given you romance
And the key to my heart
But all you did was tear me apart
And make me distant

I hold my head in shame
Because I played your game
I lost myself and I’m the one to blame
I will never be the same

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