Saturday wasn’t so boring after all…

So, yesterday I ended up organizing some pictures on my laptop and re-installing Windows XP on my music recording computer. I really haven’t used that machine much since I built it last year. I had only experimented with various flavors of Windows and Linux on it. Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP 64 bit aren’t very recording software friendly. There is also limited driver support for some of the components in the machine also. And of course, Linux won’t run these applications either. I’m sure I could setup virtual machines on it, but that is just too much work. I’m also not versed enough in Linux to get around it comfortably either. I guess I’m bored with computer tweaking anymore. I just want it to work.

I also went through a rat’s nest of random audio, video and computer cables. So, my bedroom is finally just about as organized as I like it to be. Now I just need to get my turntables, sampler, and V-Synth all cabled up to the PC and then Cedrick and Chris can come over and start working on some songs with me.

I made some crab stuffed sole and stuffed baked potatoes from Omaha Steaks for dinner. Thanks Emily! That is quite a great gift from my sis. I had some salad with it also. I went to Trader Joe’s to pickup some groceries while the stuff was baking. I made it back in just under 40 mins. Perfect! Leave it to a great meal to make your day. Ha Ha!

Kim called me when I was eating to see what I was doing for the evening. She wanted to go have a beer and watch the UFC fight. So I Googled it and found that Yankee Doodles had it on. So we paid a $5 cover as the fight was almost over. We saw the last 3 mins of it. Not really worth 5 bucks, but I was just there for beer and socializing. So we went to the other half of the bar after the fight. They have a dance club on the fight side normally. The other side has arcade games, darts and pool tables. So I was sitting there chatting with Kim and I noticed a hot Asian woman walked in. She went to an empty pool table and started playing by herself. So I commented on that to Kim and she said, hey go play, I’m cool to hang out. So I went and got another beer. I then made my way over to ask her is she was waiting for someone. She said no, just having a bad day and relieving some stress. So, I asked her if i could join her. She said, can you beat me? I and said I can try. So we played 5 games. She was really good. I beat her once and she lost 2 because she scratched on the 8 ball. So, of course it was hard to hold a conversation this whole time because I pretty much lost my voice. But, I was able to find out she works there and doesn’t like motorcycles. 🙁 Oh well, at least she is a good competitor for pool. So I asked her if she’d call me if I gave her my number. She handed me her phone and said do whatever you want and walked away. So I put my number in her contacts and walked over and gave it back to her. I said bye, then Kim and I left. We hung out with Kim’s roommates in their garage. I needed to sober up a bit before I drove home, so I ended up just relaxing there listening to the Sublime 40oz of Freedom CD with them. So, around 2 am, Suzie, the pool girl texted me and said, “good night! nice meeting you!”. So I was stoked that she actually contacted me so soon. I didn’t bother to get her number when I had her phone. No worries though. So I will send her a message asking when she wants to kick my ass in pool again. 🙂

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