I feel like shit. Last night my voice started to go. It was quite difficult to carry a conversation with Jenny-Marie and Erik. We did plenty of drinking though. I’m sure that doesn’t help my current condition either. We played some Wii bowling and then unlocked a few games on Wii Play. The tank game on there is pretty fun. It is tough also.

So, today, my vocal capacity is no better. Oh well. I don’t really feel like talking to anyone anyway. Erik did show me how to make this elixir to soothe the throat. It actually was pretty cool. Use equal parts of honey, lemon juice and alcohol (rum, brandy & whiskey are best). I made mine with some 92 proof Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum. It was pretty damn good and it works too! I need to go make some more for today.

So, Rich called me at 7:51 am to wake me up to play disc golf at 10. I hate it when he does that. Why don’t you call me the night before to make plans? Either way, I don’t think I’m gonna go. My right shoulder is still sore and I don’t want to irritate it. Not to mention my legs are sore, my throat is not happy either and I’m a tad hungover. Stupid alcohol.

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  1. Jedi Wright says:

    It always sucks losing your voice and/or having throat trouble. I’ve been having some difficulty with my throat for the last 6-7 months at least, feels like something’s constantly catching it, making me swallow constantly.

    Anyway, alcohol’s just another whole level. At least that’s self-induced! 😉

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