Tonight’s plans

So, a few days ago, Dan asked me if I want to go bowling tonight. I agreed. I went to text him to confirm and saw there was a message on my phone from Cedrick. He wanted to know if we were still on for a music session tonight. I was like what session? I guess at some point either last week or the week before we had made plans to work on a song together. Apparently I didn’t put it on my calendar of course it slipped my mind. So my dilemma of course was whether to cancel on Dan or Cedrick. So off goes a fury of text messages back and forth between myself and them. Now I wasn’t prepared to work on music tonight as I had forgotten. I still have to setup my equipment and reformat my recording computer as it has a Windows XP 64 bit trial edition on it. So far most software isn’t compatible with it and the trial is expired anyway. So, I basically have a lot to do before my bedroom studio is online. Then of course, my shoulder and now today, my neck are both sore. Dan is sore from work also. So, it looks like I will be spending another evening alone. 🙁

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