Ending the silence

So as you can see there has been a lot of time that has lapsed since I last posted anything. I suppose some of it was that I didn’t have much to say. The other problem is I still have problems with the back end WYSIWYG editor. It doesn’t load properly in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. It visually looks ok in Internet Explorer but it throws JavaScript errors. I also looked at the error console in FF and it was showing the same errors. After much searching on google and on the WordPress forums, I tried many things to no avail. So I am giving up for now. I did find one interesting post that said GoDaddy free hosting accounts don’t work right. So, at some point I may migrate is to my paid hosting for my Playingdefchild site. Until then, I will post using the WordPress app on my new iPad. This of course being my first attempt at that. I also bought a MacBook Pro and have been learning how to use GarageBand on that and on the iPad. So far, I like what I see. Things are simple to use and it sounds great. It also makes it easy for me to compose music even though I lack the proper skills to play a guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc. The iPad app is really killer in that respect. The touchscreen lends itself very well to playing any of the aforementioned instruments.

On to other news. I’ve been taking vocal lessons over the past year or so. At this point, I’m ready to start my own band. I put up an ad on Craigslist and was contacted by a drummer. I checked out her website and emailed her back. Apparently she requires a payment of $50 per gig and $20 per practice. No thanks. I was also contacted by a member of a band that is looking for a singer called A Race Called Man. I liked what I heard, so I emailed him back. So, I have been working on a few tasks to get a demo to him. I am currently writing a song. I have the music done and the lyrics and melody are 75% finished. I hope to have it finished in the next week. I am also planning on recording me singing a few covers as well. To help me achieve this, I went to the Apple store and bought a Blue Yeti Pro microphone. So far this thing is pretty kick ass. It is so sensitive, that it picks up ambient sound in the other rooms of my condo. So, I built a small sound isolation box out of some foam in the recycle box at work. I found that someone is already making something similar and they cost $150! Mine cost me nothing! Granted, mine is not made with the pyramid shaped acoustical foam that they use in studios, but it did help. I will be posting some recordings soon. My allergies have been fierce the last few weeks, so my sinuses and throat have not been playing well with my desire to sing. Bah!

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