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I haven’t updated this in awhile due to issues with the backend editor.  My domain name also expired and I failed to realize that the auto-renew was not turned on at  I renewed it and it still wasn’t working.  So, I called Godaddy support to see if they could fix it.  They told me I had to update the hosting on this domain name.  Well, that didn’t fix the problem.  I think the name servers got screwed up.  So instead of monkeying around with all that  I finally changed my domain to be hosted on the free hosting account that came with the domain name to begin with.  I setup wordpress on that hosting account, created a new database and now I have it installed.  Now to get my data back on it.  I had previously backed-up all the files and the database.  I just had to figure out how to get everything uploaded/imported.  So, I FTPed all the original files back to the hosting account.  Then I imported the database backup that I had created.  I had to re-edit the wp-config.php to point to the new database that I had to created on the new hosting account.  Godaddy doesn’t allow duplicate database names even between different hosting accounts.  So after I made all these changes, my blog is back online.  Yay for me!  I’m also trying out the Windows Live Writer program that comes with Windows 7 (actually I had to install it along with some other proggies that come with the Windows 7 Live package.  So far the editor interface is much nicer than the WYSWYG editor that comes with WordPress.  Now I need to explore it and see if it can handle the comments and plugins.


And for posterity, I’m adding a photo.  Just to test out this functionality on WLW.


Yes, I uploaded the Mayan calendar.  I was able to resize it by dragging and dropping instead of having to type in the actual pixel width as in the old editor I was using.  I has a various border options, watermarking (for copyrighting), and various basic effects (B&W, Sepia, etc.) This Windows Live Writer is pretty damn cool.  It must be the end of the world cause Microsoft actually did a good job on this so far as I can tell.  I’m curious how the Photo album, TableMap, Tags and Video insertion functionally will work in this program.  I suppose my next post will be a photo album of my bathroom shower project.  Cheers ~ Ash

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