How not to pickup a woman at the gym

This is pretty funny, but sad that this guys is so clueless. This is from a chat I had with my friend Olivia.

Olivia: you should of heard the line I got at the gym yesterday
Ashley: do tell
Olivia: oh yes, I must
Olivia: I will do this in kinda script ish ways
Ashley: k
Olivia: Scene: Myself on the elliptical and dude on elliptical next to me. Me headphones on and jamming away whilest doing a high resistance level on machine….dude reading something while working his own machine
Olivia: Dude: [looks over and speaks to me but I obviously can’t hear dude, cause I am listening to my ipod]
Ashley: lol
Olivia: Me: [take off headphones] yes?
Olivia: Dude: I am concerned about your heart
Olivia: Me: I am sorry, what?
Olivia: Dude: You have a beautiful heart
Ashley: and how does he know that?
Olivia: (sheeya, right!)
Olivia: Me: Oh
Olivia: Dude: Yes and I want to be in your heart
Ashley: oh, god
Ashley: run away
Ashley: danger danger
Olivia: Me: [to self- dude cannot be for real] oh, thats oh well a thanks
Olivia: Dude: can I take you out sometime
Ashley: um, no
Olivia: Me: [split second freak out silence] er, I am seeing someone right now but thank you for asking
Ashley: insert appropriate evasive action here. lol
Olivia: Scene Ending: Dude returns to paper, I return to running with my headphones on…two minutes goes by dude slinks off machine and disappears…..then me looks up to tele and the news is about another dude who opened fire at gym and killed self and other ladies at gym.

For God’s sake, someone tell this guy about David DeAngelo, The Mystery Method or Real Social Dynamics!

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