This coming Saturday

So, I have been hanging out with Tas and playing some disc golf with him this week. We have had some interesting conversations about things we are trying to accomplish in our lives. He is in a band Lead Pipe Logic (check out the link to them in the Sites I Like section). They have been gaining a lot of ground recently. They are about to release their second EP and will be playing a show on Saturday at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. I have seen them play there quite a few times now and that place usually draws a good crowd. They have some contacts with A&R people and they need to put together a promo pack to submit to them. I have been doing the photography at several of their more recent shows. They have liked my work (you can check it out here: LPL pics) and invited me to do their band photos for their promo pack. I’m super stoked on this. It is not a paying gig, but at least it will be more practice and exposure. If they go on tour, I will be their first choice for a “roadie photog”. Sweet! So, check out that link of the photos next week and I will have new pics of the band up there.

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