Last night

So, last night, I went to this bar, Yankee Doodles. I was there 1-2 months ago and met that Korean girl Suzie. I think I may have mentioned her. I was there playing pool with a buddy and there were NO attractive girls there, so I texted her and told her to come play me. She made excuses and I gave her a hard time. She finally came. I was in a pretty good mood, so I was flirting with and harassing her. Oh, and she hugged me when she first got there. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Since the last time I saw her, she gave me the impression that she had some sort of physical contact phobia. So, anyway. We played some pool. I was harassing her the whole time. She is very good at pool. So, at one point, I smacked her ass with my cue. She missed the shot. HaHa Woot! At the end of the night, she offered me a sip of her drink. I asked her how many rufies she put in it. She didn’t know what they were, so I had to explain. So today my head was hurting due to the fact that I had 2 – 34 oz beers at the bar. So I was harassing her again via text today. I asked her, “What did you put in my drink? My head is killing me today. I think you did put some date rape drug in it. Naughty naughty.” She replied, “Your friend bought me that drink, it was probably him.” I replied, Don’t blame my friend for your poor rapist skills. You really should try harder. She relied, “=P” I replied, “It is ok. I will let you take me to dinner so you can try again.” She replied, “lol” Then I said, “I’d prefer sushi if you are gonna try and take advantage of me.”

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