Cops continued…

So that article sparked a debate with my online buddy Gabby, here it is for your enjoyment:

gabby: lol, the men were given jaywalking tickets, but not the old ladies yeah stupid cop

gabby: you dont like cops do you? hate them

gabby: nice, we’d never work out as a couple then lol why? Do you want to be a cop?

gabby: my friend aimee’s a cop, and my parents are cops lol Well, I wouldn’t be getting pulled over by them and on of my buddy’s dad is a sheriff and his step mom too they are cool I don’t hate the people, I hate the elitist attitude They arbitrarily enforce laws that I don’t agree with and didn’t have any choice in making

gabby: you cant say you hate cops, you should say you hate the people who lets authority go to their head well, that is pretty much all cops

gabby: wow, whatever I am a scofflaw.

gabby: your an ass, no offense whatever how can you follow that with no offense?

gabby: I like cops, and I like what they do for us haha

gabby: thats like me saying I hate potheads and you are a blind fool like the rest of the populace

gabby: whatever I don’t like being told what to do this is supposedly a free country, yet we have more laws than anywhere other than maybe communist China

gabby: my mom was a sheriff when she was younger. one day she was called out to a house of this couple who were known to do drugs. she came into the house and was horrified to see what they had done to their child. apparently they were high and got annoyed of the baby crying, so in their high state of stupidity they put their kid in the oven and cooked it

gabby: All I have to say to you is, if you dont like this country then dont live here, its an easy choice

gabby: so dont you fucking tell me that cops are bad well, the problem is that the parents do drugs and have not been properly educated and I am planning on moving to my own island once I have enough money to buy it and no it is not an easy choice other wise I would have done it already have you ever even been to another country?

gabby: lets see, mexico, germany, france, belgium ok, did you try finding work there? or a place to live? etc.

gabby: I have cousins and family in belgium, and no I would never want to live in another country, I like the country I live in. despite its downfalls

gabby: I could live in belgium anytime I want to, I just dont want to

gabby: you dont remember that my mom was born overseas? that I went overseas in 2003 with my mom to meet my family? I have seen other countries, and I like mine better, period I remember

gabby: then why the hell did you ask me if I’ve been to other countries

gabby: ? I meant live there not visit why are you so angry?

gabby: because I dont like people who “generalize” the work force I’m just telling you how I feel. it is my opinion

gabby: “all cops are bad”, thats a lame narrow minded comment

gabby: thats like saying “all pot smokers are dumb asses”

gabby: or “all doctors are money hungry” I don’t like the majority of laws in this country. I didn’t say cops are bad. They are just a product of a controlling, corrupt, self-serving government that wants to keep the populace in check so they can do whatever the fuck they want I don’t hate cops as people, just their mentality and their position as law enforcers I don’t agree with most laws. I didn’t have any choice in making them, so I don’t care to abide by them granted I’m not going to go out and kill, steal, etc.

gabby: mentality? there you go again generalizing, most cops arent bad, most cops are very nice and understanding

gabby: thats because you are one of the people that would probably make marijuana legal, which is the most stupid thing I have ever heard someone trying to legalize yes I would and why is it stupid? alcohol and tobacco should be illegal before pot they are more addictive and harmful


gabby: did your parents smoke pot around you as a kid?

gabby: Marijuana is the “gate way” drug apparently you believe the lies that have been propagated to the masses you are a fool no, my parents didn’t smoke pot or cigs, or drink and it is not a gateway drug

gabby: I lived until i was ten with a man who smoked pot tobacco and alcohol are how many people do you know that have tried pot before cigarettes or alcohol probably none

gabby: all he cared about was getting his pot, my brother, sister and I didnt matter

gabby: my biological father

gabby: my brother

gabby: my sister

gabby: my stepsister

gabby: shall I go on? go for it

gabby: id rather not waste my time on a narrow minded asshole such as yourself haha fine then I thought you were intelligent, I guess I was wrong just because you had a bad experience with pot doesn’t make it evil your dad and family had a problem with it it probably stemmed from abuse or neglect from their parents

At this point she signed off. She can’t handle an intelligent debate apparently. drug users commonly use them to fill the void in their life left by a lack of love and caring

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