So I took my new laptop to work with me to try to fix it. I generally have lots of free time at work between customer calls and emails. So, I figured I’d spend it working on this POS. A co-worker had suggested this utility that he had used in the past to fix a similar problem. It still didn’t work. So, I did another system restore and still no dice. I then tried re-installing Norton 360 and it instead prompted me to uninstall first. Well, now I saw that the Norton 360 program was listed in the add/remove programs list. It kept erroring out that the directory could not be found. I uninstalled the Live Update program and tried the Norton removal tool again. After a reboot, it looked like the network connections were working. I wasn’t able to get past the firewall at work since my computer is not part of the work domain. So, at lunch I took it home and wallah, it works! Woot! So, now I can finally get on with my life. 🙂

Since I worked the early shift, I was off at 3:30pm. I went home, put on my leathers and such, then rode my motorcycle down to the NoHo dealership to see about this deal on the GSXR1000. They largely ignored me for 5-10 mins as I looked at the bikes in the showroom. Then I found someone to help me. The $7999 bike turned out to be $11,400 after tax, title, registration, the freight and dealer setup fees. I was like, well forget this, I can get a newer bike for about $1000 less at a different dealer. After Manny, the sales rep talked to his boss, he said they could match the price on either the 2008 CBR1000’s or the 2007 GSXR1000’s to the price of $10,600 at the Thousand Oaks dealer. They only offered me $800-1000 for a trade in on my bike. So, no deal was made.

I rode to Rich’s since he is pretty much on the way back to my house and I figured I’d avoid some traffic. He was not home, so I left. I rode back to Simi Valley and stopped at the gym and did a short leg workout. While I was finishing up my workout, Dan called me and invited me over for dinner at his place. So, I went there afterwards and had some chili and a beer. We watched some TV and bullshitted for a bit. I played with his girlfriends kid a bit too. He is 3, so his attention span is a bit on the short side. I headed home around 10, played with the computers a bit more and went to bed.

I forgot to mention that earlier in the day, I texted Jenny-Marie and asked if I could take her to dinner. She accepted and said Tuesday would work for her. So, tonight, we are going to the Macaroni Grill and then out for some cocktails. Yay!

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