Weekend Updates

So, I see that I haven’t posted anything since Jan 30. Well, I have been on the move this weekend. On Friday, Cedrick, Chris and Jenny-Marie came over to work on a song. We started a melody and a beat. Jenny-Marie is quite good on the keys. I have never really heard her play before. So, I was pretty impressed with her improvisational skills for what we were trying to accomplish. She is quite talented. Chris, Cedrick and I just stood there with nothing to say for a bit. Then we started offering some suggestions on what we were looking for and she changed it up accordingly.

Afterwards, we went to Venice to meet up with some friends of Cedrick. Then off to a house party. It was a good time. There were some cool people there. Many of which were musicians. So, the acoustic guitar was being passed around and random songs were sung. I ended up staying out until about 4am that night. I haven’t been up that late in a long time.

So, of course I was ruined for Saturday morning. The afternoon turned out to be absolutely beautiful and around 75-80 degrees. I spent some time researching new laptops as I had a feeling that I needed to get a new one, post haste. I made some breakfast (at noon of course) and then headed up in the mountains on my motorcycle. Rich, my buddy I normally ride with, had other plans. So I went solo. Fine with me. It was a beautiful day to ride at my own pace. Which tends to be balls out at first and then mellows off a bit. I stopped at Newcomb’s Ranch and had some lunch. I sat at the bar and chatted with a couple sitting next to me and the bartender. He didn’t charge me for my hot chocolate (it is chilly up in the mountains this time of year) or for substituting a bowl of chili for french fries. So, he got a nice $4 tip on a $7 check.

I stopped by Rich’s on my way home and hung out with him, Lisa, and her daughter Kayla. They were watching the Laker game and I was browsing the web. I have decided that it is time for a new motorcycle, so I started doing some research.

I headed home and stopped at the Best Buy in Porter Ranch to take a look at their selection of laptops. They had the one I wanted, but I decided not to buy it there and wait until I got back to Simi instead. I’d rather not have my new toy bouncing around too much on the back of my bike for the 15 mile trip back. Not to mention the lack of help I had. The funny thing is, and I’m sure this is common, there were 2 different clerks that asked me if I needed help when I first started looking at the laptops. And, of course, when I was ready to be helped, none were to be found. Best Buy’s customer service has always been piss-poor in my book. Most of their employees tend to know shit about what they are selling also. Once back at the Simi store, I picked up a Toshiba A305-S6872 on sale for $599. It has the hard to find features that I wanted and quite a nice spec sheet to boot, for that price. I really would have rather bought a Macbook but I really can’t justify paying more than twice as much for essentially the same hardware. So, I will have to experiment with the Hackintosh software instead.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it, so I decided not to open it up immediately when I got home. That takes a lot of will power for me. I usually open stuff in the car right after I buy it. Need to play with new toy NOW! HAHA! So, I left it in my bedroom, reheated some leftovers and then went to the Arena for an acquaintance’s birthday. I hadn’t seen a few of them for over a year, so I figured I’d make an appearance. I really hate that place. It is a sports-bar-wannabe-Hip-Hop dance-club-meat-market on the weekends. Not really my scene. Of course the music was also too damn loud to converse and it ALWAYS takes at least 20 mins to get a fucking drink. So I was over it really fast. I was there for all of 45 mins. I didn’t even have a drink either.

So, I went home, made a cocktail and broke out the new toy. I have used Windows Vista on a few older laptops and let me tell you, it sucked. I think that on my new laptop, the hardware is up to snuff, so my experience with Vista was a bit more positive speed wise. Though I hate how you have to dig and dig to find things that were more easily accessible in XP. Anyway, I digress. So, I had it hooked up to the TV and stereo and was watching some youtube videos. I got up for a some reason and ended up tripping on the optical cable that was plugged into it and broke the connector off in the headphone jack. So, I was pretty miffed at myself for being so buzzed and clumsy. I tried removing the broken piece with needlenose pliers and tweezers but the damn thing wouldn’t come out. ARGH!

So, Sunday I went down to LA to pickup my friend Olivia on the motorcycle. We rode up the coast and continued inland a bit to The Rock Store. We got there right before they stopped serving breakfast. Woot! There seemed to be a lot more bikes there than normal at that hour. We walked around and checked out the 200 or so bikes and sat down and chatted a bit about random things. Then we headed back to her place. We watched some super bowl commercials and paid little attention to the game. Then went to the store for some food and came back and made some dinner.

I got back home and gave the computer jack another go with the tweezers. Still no dice. I took it back to the store and after a little unwanted noise, got them to remove it for me at no charge. At least they didn’t give me shit about not buying their stupid warranty. HA! I then spent the rest of the pleasant evening outside, installing software, transferring files form the old lappy and tweaking it. Yeah, I’m a geek, I know. Well, what would you know, I closed the lid on the old machine and the hinge decided to break clean off. Well, either she was jealous, or was just holding out until I had her replacement. I’m glad I listened to my gut feeling for once about buying the new one. 🙂

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