So today sucked, um kinda…

Just another boring day at work. Customer’s continue to piss me off for no reason, but such is life doing Tech Support. BLAH!

I finally got all my paperwork back so I could do my taxes. So, after about an hour crunching numbers on the innerwebs using TaxACT, I got my state and fed done. State and federal for $16.95 can’t be beat. It asked me questions about my mortgage interest, property taxes, etc., so the shit was a snap. Fuck TurboTax and HR Block and their over priced accountant wannabes. Here comes $2600. Woot!

So, bills will be paid and fresh ink installed on my arm. Body modification is fun. It makes more monetary sense too. You can’t take material possessions with you everywhere you go, even in death. But tattoos stay with you for life and death. At least until the body decomposes. So, here is the before and tomorrow you will see the after. Yay for needles!

Arm tat before

Arm tat before

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